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Support and refuge for women* and children experiencing domestic violence

Women's* and Children's House If you need help immediately

Either call the police on: 110
Or in case of medical emergency call the ambulance on 112

The way to the Women's* and Children's House

If you suffer mental or physical violence in your partnership or family, or if you are threatened, you can find protection and accommodation at the autonomous women's and children's shelter in Offenbach, alone or with your children.

Admission to the house is simple

  • You call yourself and ask for a free place, or send a request by email. In a personal conversation, it can be clarified whether an admission is possible and reasonable.
  • Friends, relatives or acquaintances can also call together with you if you do not speak German.


Tel: 069-886139 (Monday- Friday from 09-16 hrs) or via the police.
E-mail is: info [at] frauenhaus-offenbach.de

If available, take with you if possible: Job references, degree, identity card and/or passport, residence permit, birth certificate, money, bank card, vaccination certificates.

If you need advice

We advise on:

  • domestic violence and the Protection Against Violence Act
  • Partnership and family conflicts
  • separation / divorce
  • crisis intervention
  • stalking


  • Psycho-social individual counselling, by prior arrangement (anonymous if desired)
  • Open consultation hours: Thursday between 10 and 12 a.m.
  • Counselling after police interventions of domestic violence


Tel.: 069-816557 (Monday-Friday from 09-16 hrs.)
Email: beratung [at] frauenhaus-offenbach.de


Bieberer Straße 17
63065 Offenbach am Main

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